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About Us

We started this Site with a Goal in Mind. that is to Provide Support to USER of this Site Unlike some Other Sites. I Work Hard Everyday to Give the Users of this Site Value for their Hard Earned Dollars...

Update March 13, 2019

We have been Working very Hard on Updating and Working towards a Fully Completed Site since Dec 2017. as of today we are at 34 States over 100 Cities, with Only LEXINGTON 98% Completed. Soas You can See we are a Long Ways from the Goals... But with that said we are at 355,000 views and over 4,500,000 hits. almost every Country has Viewed the Site.... 1004 Ads and over 850 Subscribers...

Update July 17, 2018

We are Now over 123,000 Unique Views and We have SOCIAL MEDIA (FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER) starting to Really Take Shape... BODY RUBS is a Key Section.

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Give Us a Try and See for Yourself... BFS

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