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California is Blowing Up!!!

16 Cities and Growing Look.. Added … EL CAJON, SAN MARCOS, INLAND EMPIRE in last 24 HOURS $$$$$$ POST FREE ADS and Make Your Own Bank!!!! BFS-CEO;)))) Read More

RECAPTCHA- Error….??

I was Made aware of a Recaptcha “Error” upon REGISTRATION PROCESS…. my WORDPRESS EXPERT -CJ fix around 3pm So Anyone can Register SORRY… BFS-CEO ;)) Read More

CALIFORNIA-El Cajon, San Marcos Added

Yay Yay……………… Welcome EL CAJON & SAN MARCOS to Site… Just Added. BFS-CEO :)) Read More

358,000 VIEWS to date

Stats Started March 25, 2018……………… Adding More CITIES… and Soon remaining STATES… POST FREE ADS Today……………. Get Notice Purchase a FEATURED HomePage .. Spot Also BANNER EXCHANGE……… BFS-CEO ;))) Read More

NEW CITY-Challenge $$$

Follow the Building of the Site and Guess the Correct City Added …After MARCH 13, 2019 7PM on and receive: 100 FREE CREDITS….. EMAIL US… BFS-CEO :)) $$$$ Read More




Look at the Banners on display on Our ADULT LINKS…. Email Us with Your Banner and for the Next 30-60 Days have a FREE BANNER ad… Promoting Your Website and Use Our Banner in Exchange..?? We Also have Some Cities with BANNER Ad Spaces Look around to See if There is a City You Want […] Read More


Look at a Few New Cities.. Still Adding the Categories So CHECK Back Soon… TULSA, MOBILE, TUSCALOOSA….. BFS-CEO :)) Read More

354,000 views to date

Hello Everyone.. The Site has Taken a Major Revision..and Keep watching for More States, Cities, and a Full Menu of Categories….. Post Free Ads today.. Email Us for 30 Free Credits BFS-CEO :)) Read More

353,000 views…. Look at Site Updates

353,000 views…. Look at Site Updates

Hello Everyone…. Site is Ever Changing…. See New Menus with Each State now has Drop Down Menu for Cites… and the BUY CREDITS Button is Next to the POST Ad Button on Every Page…..We are Working on Many More Updates and Soon will have All 50 States and More than 300 Cities.. CJ my WordPress […] Read More

MileStone for 350,000 views

MileStone for 350,000 views

Hello Everyone Well to Our Site MileStone.. we have Approached 350,000 Views Since March 25, 2018… We have over 4,500,000 Hits…. POST FREE Ads and receive 30 Free Credits just send Us a Email Request… BFS-CEO :))) Read More

DUPLICATE categories..?? March 6

Hello Everyone….. I Hope You Like the Updated Drop Down Menus…. But Please Understand my WORDPRESS GURU.. is fixing the DUPLICATE within the STATES/CITIES/CATEGORIES….. Check Back Often…. Ok…. Also POST FREE ADS and Send Us a EMAIL for 30 FREE CREDITS… BFS-CEO :)) Read More

1000+ ADS POSTED as of March 6

Hello Everyone…. I want to Thank Everyone that has Supported this Site over the 1st Year of Development…. Email me for 30 FREE Credits as a New/Existing Subscriber… BFS-CEO:)) Read More

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