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BROWSERS STAR F.A.Q.'s Frequently Asked Questions??

  • How Do I Post a AD

    You 1st must be a Registered USER to POST ADs. Each Time You Post a AD You Must LOGIN to Your Account. Then Hit the POST AD Button and Proceed to Fill in the TITLE, then Each Category and Fill in the Needed INFORMATION as Such. Also Add any Photos as well. When FINISHED Click the "SUBMIT" Button and the Ad will Process. Wait as it Move to the Top of the page to VIEW AD.... Click EDIT to make Changes...??

  • How do I EDIT my Ad..?

    You Must Login to EDIT Ad. When you Login CLICK -USERNAME then DROP DOWN MENU "DASHBOARD" that takes You to 'PROFILE", there You will CLICK on "MY AD" there You see a "PENCIL" CLICK then Proceed to Edit AD.

  • HOW Do I "MOVE-UP" OR "BUMP-UP" Ad..??

    You MUST be LOGGED IN and then Click on "MY ADS:, Select " PENCIL"--->"EDIT" goto the Last Page then at the Bottom you will See a "BUMP-UP AD", Check the Box and then Click SUBMIT....?? Ad will REFRESH and have a NEW Date.

  • ADD FUNDS to Account (WALLET)

    Use your Add Funds APP on your Mobile Device.

  • I WANT to have a FEATURED AD, What do I Do

    When Posting a AD, You can Select to have it FEATURED or You can Go back and EDIT your Ad at Any Time and SELECT that Option. It will Redirect you to the "BUY CREDITS" Page then Select a Package then it will take you to CART, Review then Proceed to CHECKOUT. There You will Select a Payment Option then Click Checkout. Your will Receive an EMAIL.. IT will Deduct from your WALLET or Pay by CHECK, Money Order, or PAYPAL.

  • What GIFT Cards do You Accept?---***NOTE***--NO GIFT CARD OPTION as of APRIL 14,2018** may RETURN..??

    Currently We Accept the Following Cards: WALMART, BEST BUY, HOME DEPOT, LOWE'S, OLIVE GARDEN, OFFICE DEPOT, QUE, TARGET, VANILLA .... More to Come in the Near FUTURE...??

  • What Age RESTRICTIONS Do You have for Viewing and or POSTING Ads?

    Please Refer to TERMS and CONDITIONS & Privacy Policy. We Monitor the Ads and Encourage Anyone that Suspects Under Age Activity to PLEASE make Browser Star Aware.. Anyone Under the age of 18 is Prohibited from Posting in ADULT Sections. Anyone under the age of 18 is Prohibited from Viewing in Any Area of PERSONALS & Massage or Other Adult Areas.

  • What Type of PAYMENTS are Accepted?

    1.) STRIPE (PAYMENTS)- with the following: DEBIT, CREDIT, PRE-PAID, VISA, MASTER CARD, AMEX, also VANILLA Pre-Paid Card. 2.) PAYPAL with or without ACCOUNT Accepted.

  • How Much does it Cost to POST Ads. ALL Ads are FREE Except the Following Ads:

    Ads Free Except the Following Ads. JOBS: $15 Valid 30 days Featured Home Page Ads $25 for 7 Days, $70 for 30 Days Dealer Ads (Car, Furniture) Price to be Determined

  • Does this Website have a SSL Certificate?

    Yes We have a Standard SSL Certificate thru Go Daddy Hosting.

  • DOES Website have a FIREWALL??

    Yes we have this Site Protected with a DELUXE FIREWALL PACKAGE..


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