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Hello…….. to All My Browserstar Followers….PARTNERSHIP OFFERING..$$$



I as CEO of the Website: BROWSERSTAR.COM and Offering a Investment Opportunity….

The Site was Thought of in 2017 and Work Began in Dec 2017, after which I felt the my Website Designers were Not getting the Job Done in a Timely Manner.. I Took over in Feb 2018. Launching the Site in March 2018. I Reached out to many Adult Providers in Personals as well as Calling, Texting, Email Campaign over the last 8 months…. I Noticed that when BACKPAGE & CRAIGSLIST Stopped ALL ADULT Content as We Know it my Site Slowly Started Getting Notice…. I Currently have Over 3,500,000 Hits (April 13-Dec 2018) and Over 246,000 Views (March 25-Dec 2018)….

I have had Inquires about Owning a Piece of the Site %, but No One has Shown the Money as You Will… So If Anyone Would Like to See this Site Completed and Really Take Off then Contact me as Such… with ??? or Such…


Btw……  My Site is on Page 1 of Every Search Engine….




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